Update on openhabian

Hi…I have got a Pi3 running openhabian and openhab2.0…I ran flawless until now. Suddenly at night openhab looses the network connectivity. Raspi is running on Wifi. I solved that problem rebooting it at 7 a.m. via crontab reboot.
Maybe an update fixes this problem?

Now my questions: do i have to backup my settings?
How do I initiate an update for openhab running openhabian? Via apt-upgrade?
What about habpanel? Are these settings lost after an update?

There is nothing that OH does that would cause this problem. openHABian only runs while executing openhabian-conf so it isn’t causing this problem either.

If it used to work and now has problems the cause is:

  • something changed in your WiFi config or wireless network that is causing the WiFi to drop
  • the power being supplied to the RPi is not clean causing it to run erratically
  • the wifi is failing on the RPi
  • the SD card is failing on the RPi.

An upgrade of OH or openHABian will not fix your problem.

openHABian has backup and restore scripts so I would recommend using those. I don’t know about HABPanel.

The best would be to initiate the upgrade through openhabian-conf.

Thanks for your reply…i did the update to 2.2 now and deleted my reboot entry in the startup…only to give it a try :wink: i will report of the problem persists