Update Openhab

  • Platform information: Raspberry PI 3B
  • Java Virtual Machine Java HotSpot™ Client VM version 25.121-b13
  • Version 1.8.0_121
  • Vendor Oracle Corporation
  • openHAB version: 2.1


I have a good running OpenHab 2.1. Cause of that, I do not want to Update it. I have setup a second PI with Openhab 2.4, it´s up and running. The plan is to migrate step by step and move the bindings one after another.

I have

Philips Hue Brigde
Homematic Homegear (Door sensors, power plugs, etc.)
Yahm with Homematic CCU2 (Temp. sensors)

Is it possible to have two Openhab2 connected to Hue, CCU2, etc. and only deactivate the rules in the old system?

Thanks for your help,

I have from time to time two Openhab running with only one Bridge… I got all the time Problems when i upgrade so i do a new install on a other SD Card on a sec PI and move then the Setup files. But i setup all on config files, not on UI


short Update to my Installation.

I installed Openhab2.4 on a new PI and moved all Bindings.

  • some Rules and Imports caused errors. Seems Openhab 2.4 needs less Imports than Openhab 2.1. After deleting the error causing Imports, the Rules are still working. Problem solved.
    No longer needed:
    import org.openhab.core.library.types.*
    import org.openhab.model.script.actions.*
    import java.util.Calendar
    import java.util.Date
    import java.util.TimeZone

  • still errors in Rules, I need to change “now.toDateMidnight” to “now.withTimeAtStartOfDay”. After that no more Rules errors. Problem solved.

  • Installed the Fritzbox “tr” Binding the first time, and waited and waited for a Thing to Popup. Nothing. After adding some Items and trying it, I learned that it´s working. Maybe I missed it, but it´s not good documented. Problem solved.

  • I tried some “Weather” services. Well, a lot Weather Services seems to cancel free “API” calls. Yahoo Weather, Meteoblue, WeatherUnderground - all not working. The one I am using is Openweather, the only one I found with a free API. Maybe it´s time to delete the other Bindings?! Lost a lot of Time with that. I wanted Meteoblue, they have Astro Weather Informations. But this looks very expensive bying the API.

  • the “new” PI where I installed Openhab 2.4 was a gift. After everything was running and some Habpanel Diagrams later, I realized that it is a “PI Model B+ V1.2” with 512MB RAM (Year 2014). Startup takes around 30 min.! CPU is running above 55% all the time. Klicking something in the Habpanel causes CPU to rise and running with 100% for 1 min. Not good…


  • I tried to bring Openhab 2.4 on a better PI (PI 3 Model B V1.2 Year 2016)
  • made an Image with “Win32Disk Imager” from the “new” Openhab 2.4 and burned it on a second SD. I just didn´t want to insert the original SD in the other PI

Tataa, it booted without an error 100x times faster than the old one and now Openhab 2.4 is running smooth and fast.
I am happy now. The Habpanel is really nice and the new Openhab2.4 looks stable to me. Paper UI shows more and better Informations on discovered Things, Channel Names usw.

There is only one thing. Cloud connector. To get it running I still need to build a Sitemap and create a lot of Items for the “classic or basic UI”? Double work (Habpanel and Sitemap). Yes, I could open up my Habpanel to the Internet, but this means a direct external access to my network. I don´t want that.
Anyway, I created a sitemap and Items and also this is running like expected.

Thanks! It was fun updating the system.

I do not use the classic/basic UIs and run cloud connector without issue, I have never seen the UI being a requirement to run OH cloud connector.

Maybe I need a closer look to it, but when I start the App remotely I see my Sitemap in the App. How does it look like if I do not create a Sitemap?

If you are still looking for a decent weather provider… use the Weather binding and then use the ForecastIo as the provider. It is actually Darksky now and works great… they have a full 7 day forecast. If you like I can share the template that I created for it and all the items (it’s a really long list - over 100 some lines). It seems to be the only decent free one left. You get 1000 hits a day free and no credit card needed.