Update thing config through REST api

I’m getting 504 errors when trying to update a thing in paperui, and want to try the rest api instead. However I can’t understand how to write in the update thing config body. This is the current settings:

“statusInfo”: {
“status”: “ONLINE”,
“statusDetail”: “NONE”
“label”: “MySensors Ethernet Gateway”,
“configuration”: {
“tcpPort”: 5003,
“ipAddress”: “”,
“enableNetworkSanCheck”: false,
“skipStartupCheck”: false,
“imperial”: false,
“sendDelay”: 100
“properties”: {},
“UID”: “mysensors:bridge-eth:d6dbb64f”,
“thingTypeUID”: “mysensors:bridge-eth”,
“channels”: []

ThingUID is of course mysensors:bridge-eth:d6dbb64f, but what do I write in body to change enableNetworkSanCheck to “true”?