Update to 1.8.SnapShot for use FGS-212 some Problems

Hi all,

i have a fibaro FGS-212 singele Relay switch. To use it i update openhab to 1.8.0 Snapshot.
Somethings happend:

  1. the FGS-212 is include well - but it’s a singel relay. In the Propertys there are two switches (1 + 2)
  2. at this point my Z-Wave Controller is shown as dead - it’s a Aeon Z-Stick S2!

when i downgrade to 1.7.1 the Stick ist ok but then the FGS-212 is not initializised not correct.

Thanks for Help.

A debug log file is always useful…

What properties do you mean exactly? You know of course that while the FGS212 only has 1 relay, it can control two switches?

Hi Chris,

yes, but in the log there are two endpoints:

2015-10-23 17:48:45.176 [WARN ] [.z.internal.ZWaveActiveBinding] - NODE 23: No item bound for event, endpoint = 1, command class = SWITCH_BINARY, value = 0, ignoring.
2015-10-23 17:48:45.274 [WARN ] [.z.internal.ZWaveActiveBinding] - NODE 23: No item bound for event, endpoint = 2, command class = SWITCH_BINARY, value = 0, ignoring.

Yes, that’s exactly my point - there are two switches/endpoints that this device controls.

Thanks Chris - with this point of view i understand Switch and device. Perfekt!
One problem leaves:
Version 1.7.1 - Aeon Z-Stick S2 ok, FGS-212 is not recognize with
Version 1.8.0 (SNAPSHOT) the FGS-212 is known well bat the Aeon Z-Stick S2 is dead (red dot).
I hope you can help
Best reguards

Two switches (input) to control one output relay.