Update to 3.4.0 has lost RRD4j persistence info

I updated yesterday from 3.3.0 SNAPSHOT to 3.4.0 SNAPSHOT using openhabian-config and I seem to have lost all the RRD4j persistence information (over 6 months worth which I would like to have). I’m running OH3 on a RPi. Any advice gratefully received about how I may bring it back.

Is this an standard openhabian installation (using zram)?
Did you shutdown the system ? Orderly or by unplugging it?

I believe it is a standard installation but I’m not sure how to confirm if its using zram.
The upgrade was done without shutting down the system but I shut it down soon after using the cli. (I needed to take out the z-wave stick to remove some ghosts). I didn’t pull the plug.
I do have backups.

In this case I would copy the .rrd files from the backup over the actual .rrd files while openHAB is stopped.

  • Login to your OH host
  • run: mount
  • it will show /dev/zram and overlay ( both with numbers at the end ) in case zram is running