Update value of item on sitemap automatically

In trying to get a values of my smart energy meters i run into the follow issue:

I’ve created the following item: Number Electric_Actual "Electra current use" { dsmr = "eActualDelivery" }

However, when i paste it in a sitemap to read the value it’s just the static value of the moment I start loading the webpage. It does not update. (only with a refresh of the webpage).

Is there a way to fix this? Of does the sitemap only allow for static value readings?

Example of my very minimalistic sitemap:

sitemap myhouse label="My home automation" {
Frame label="Meter" {
    Text item=Electric_Actual label="Power [%.3f kW]"

@Duco_Bouter which browser do you use, do you use adblock, µblock, ghostery, javascript blocker or some plugins, extensions which could block the page on getting updated?

I mostly use firefox packed with extension to avoid tracking, adds und stuff like that. And had the same behaviour.
So i installed chrome without any extensions to watch openhab, which works fine. I could also always switch off the extensions or define exceptions, but i like it like that so i allways find the openhab window very fast besides the other webpages i have opened.

I use safari and yes i have an adblocker installed. I’ll give it a go with another browser and see what happens.

@Duco_Bouter i also have the same strange behaviour now.

The sitemap changes don’t update, also on chrome.

@Duco_Bouter and on microsoft edge it works.

@Duco_Bouter as i further tested there are some things that update and others which not.
I installed the new Firefox 57 and there Actions like Switches and Contacts are updating. Used a rpi and shorted two gpio pins one as switch and one as contact.But for example example changing labels in rules does not update in both firefox and edge.
But for a workaround i found a addon for firefox that automatically updates the page in defined intervalls. It reloads the page which results in flickering but if it is not set to update too fast this could work.


I noticed the same behaviour on Safari. I tried disabling the adblocker, but no succes. Such an addon to automatically refresh the page could indeed work in a lot of cases! I’ll give that one a go.

What is updated without refresh is the update of item state. What do you mean by label and how do you update a label through a rule ?