Update version of OSGIfied dependency


I’ve created an issue #10496 and want to resolve it, but I never worked with OSGI before.
What is the way to update version of OSGIfied dependency?
The current version of Jinjava library is 2.5.0, but I need 2.5.7 to resolve the issue.

Hi there,

I think a good start would be to check the openhab/openhab-osgiify repository on GitHub. That is the place where we add OSGI-ified dependencies of the openHAB project.

Thanks for the response.
I checked this repository, but cannot see any version updates in the history. Maybe they were in old repository.
Looks like openhab-osgiify doesn’t has a CI for now and bundles are uploading manually.
So, will the 2.5.0 version be removed after changing version to 2.5.7?
If not, then correct flow should be like:

  1. PR to change Jingava version to 2.5.7. The old 2.5.0 version should not be removed.
  2. Implement transformation change and test it locally.
  3. PR with new transformation version.

I have to admit that I cannot remember a version change for OSGI-ified dependencies until today. And I am not aware of an official guide how to do it. Your proposed steps sound good. Let’s go for it.