Update z-wave devices xml in openhab 2.0

@chris, I’ve really tried using search :slight_smile:

I downloaded the latest snapshot openhab 2.0, ran it and installed HABMIN + Z-wave bindning via paperUI.
Installed the z-wave controller and it discovered all my nodes.
However, all are device unknown, and these are units that are known in your database.
I can’t find if openhab or the z-wave binding downloads the main xml file for all devices.
Or should I manually install it? I can’t find a download link on your website if this is the case.

I’m using openhab on windows 7 x64 if this matters.
And the snapshot was from yesterday around 19:00 CET

The database is included in the binding, so there’s nothing to download. What version are you using?

I downloaded the offline distribution from cloudbees.
I clicked permalinks 534 and then downloaded openhab-offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.zip
The z-wave bindning is downloaded (or installed) from within paperUI.
I take it this should be the latest. Or atleast for that snapshot?
When I come home, I’ll try to see what version it is (I think I could use LIST to see which version it is?).

If you are using the offline version, then you can not update the binding easily. I would suggest to use the online version.

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Hey @chris normally the offline distribution in the newest revision will also contain all latest addon revisions. Could you elaborate?

Hmmm - not sure what you mean. I think your statement is correct - the offline version will contain the latest versions, but if you use the offline version then you can’t update the binding using the “normal” update mechanism of uninstalling a binding, and re-installing it again. Doing this in an offline version will install the same version from the offline runtime (ie no update).

Does that answer your question or did I misunderstand :wink: .

Thanks, I downloaded the online version and it worked with getting devices discovered perfectly!

Now, onward and forward to all the other errors I have :wink: