Updated Database Definition PSP05 BigDecimal cast to Integer Problem

Hi All,

Some time ago I added configuration options for the Philio PSP05 PIR/Motion sensor to the device database. I then got side tracked into other things and then today realized that my changes had been approved/published.

So, downloaded latest snapshot and gave it a try. However, when I change any of the configuration parameters, always get a 500 server error on PUT.

Error in the logs is:
"[ERROR] [st.core.internal.thing.ThingResource] - Exception during HTTP PUT request for update config at ‘things/zwave:device:08a384c2:node4/config’ for thing ‘zwave:device:08a384c2:node4’: java.math.BigDecimal cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer"

Data being ‘PUT’ is:

“config_7_1_00100000”: 0,
“config_20_1”: 30,
“config_10_1”: 12,
“wakeup_interval”: 86400,
“config_7_1_00000010”: 0,
“group_1”: [],
“config_7_1_00001000”: 0,
“group_2”: [],
“config_7_1_00010000”: 0,
“wakeup_node”: 1,
“config_8_1”: 3,
“config_9_1”: 4,
“config_3_1”: 80,
“action_remove”: false,
“action_failed”: false,
“action_reinit”: false,
“action_heal”: false,
“binding_pollperiod”: 1800,
“powerlevel_level”: 0,
“powerlevel_timeout”: 0

And relates to the following device:

Anyone got any idea where the BigDecimal is coming from? Cant see anything in what I defined in the database as a BigDecimal?

Any thoughts or Ideas?

Hi @mfk,

I have also a Philio PSP05 motion sensor. I have upgraded Zwave binding to version. In Paper UI or HABmin, I can see all configuration parameters (3: PIR sensitivity, 7: Motion OFF Reporting, 7: Notification Type, 7: Send Multi CC in auto report, etc.).
I don’t think to have any errors when I have updated theses configuration parameters in HABmin.

Have you ever this error ?

Hi nokyyz,

That’s really interesting. I was using the same version myself and that’s where I was seeing the problem. I think I am going to try completely removing the device and re-adding it again to see if it makes any difference. Will let you know how it goes (I need to re-upgrade again to latest snapshot to try!).

Out of curiosity, can you tell me a little more about how you are using the PSP05? Main reason I contributed to the database was to be able to edit the device and change it to binary sensor mode as I was finding that I couldn’t get any PIR events to fire through openhab in its default reporting mode. How have you got it setup? Did you have to change to binary sensor mode to get it to work for you?


Hi @mfk,

For the moment, my PSP05 device doesn’t work with OH and zwave binding v. :frowning:
My actual parameters are set to following values:

  • PIR sensitivity = 80
  • Motion OFF reporting = Send Report
  • Notification Type = Binary Sensor
  • Send Multi CC in auto report = Disable
  • Send battery Report when triggered = Enabled
  • Re-detection interval = 3
  • Turn off light time = 4
  • Batery level reporting interval = 12
  • Tick interval = 30

And you, what have you tested ?