Updates to thermostat revert to previous value within milliseconds

You sir are a freakin’ genius!!! - That’ has completely solved the problem.
In case anyone is reading this to solve their own issue to get the degree symbol on a Mac you type option+shift+8

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Well, if it wasn’t debug, then your “pretty printed” version would have nothing in it at all. I’m not suggesting that you “made it up” just that somehow it got corrupted. eg -:

This is clearly a messed up log - there is probably a return missing, so the second line is printed on the end of the first. Clearly this is not correct though.

I don’t know what these are -:

Again, I suspect that they are corrupted logs rather than a major problem with the binding, but I don’t know.

Obviously this is a debug log or these lines would simply not be here as the transmit and receive data is only logged at debug level.

Honestly, I don’t think it was in debug level as I only turned it on once and since I did everything has [DEBUG] on the line however, it may have got messed up when I copy and pasted it into TextEdit on my Mac. I did that because where I was at the time, I did not have SFTP access to the server. Like you, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the binding as I am able to use all my other devices and the Fan and Thermostat mode from here. You were bang on when you said that it was the degree symbol, who knew that would make such a big difference but it certainly did. I really appreciate your excellent assistance @chris without you I think the zwave stuff is a non-starter. I know you are super busy but you always seem to make time to help us lesser mortals out. :smiley:


IanJ - I think I have a similar problem. Where are you putting the degree symbol?

Before the F.

Sorry Chris - I wasn’t clear. I really don’t have any context. Does the degree symbol (and the F) go in the definition of the thing, an item, sitemap or something else?

If you look at the part where it says [%.1f F] change that to read [%.1f °F]

To type the degree symbol on Windows keyboard use Alt+248 (on the numeric keyboard).

I have noticed similar behavior with a CT100 thermostat, where a setpoint was immediately reverted. In my case, I’m setting the heat and cool setpoints, with one command immediately following the other in the rule. I could see in the logs that the second setpoint was being set and then immediately reverted to its former value.

My theory is that the thermostat needs some time to settle before receiving another command. My solution was to add a one second sleep between the two commands. This appears to be working. In simplified form, the relevant part of my thermostat rule looks like this:

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Super dumb question - is there an easy way to paste a degree symbol into an items file on a raspberry pi?