Updating from 2.5.0 M6 testing to 2.5.0 stable : 'publishMQTT' failed


I’ve updated from 2.5.0 M6 testing to 2.5.0 stable and I have got an error publishing to mqtt.

‘publishMQTT’ is not a member of ‘org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.ThingActions’

Receving is OK.

Have I to change publish MQTT to something new ?



How often did you restart OH2 after switching to 2.5.0 stable ? I have to restart 3 times 'til everything’s working again.

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Hmm… I wonder why 3 times… What is the system doing the third time?

I restarted two times before posting… however the third try did not solve the problem for me :frowning:

edit : but the forth one solved the problem ! crazy :smiley:

Thank you @fibu-freak

Hmm thats odd… Perhaps it´s worth mentioning to the maintainers/developer… I would suspect there is somekind of issue, even though it works after the 3-4 restart.