Updating OpenHab2 from Beta to Proper Release

I’ve playing with this for a number of hours and getting lost on it.

Current Environment:
Running OpenHab2.0.b4. Installed from zip file. Running on CentOS 7. All works perfect here.

Steps taken:
Downloaded openhab-2.0.0.zip. Unzipped to new folder (/opt/OpenHAB2.0). Copied my conf and userdata folder from my working OpenHab environment to the new one, telling it to overwite everything. Upon starting OpenHab, I still see old versions of habmin and can’t tell if I am actually running the latest versions of the bindings.

I tried a fresh install again, did not copy over my conf or userdata folders. Installed all the bindings and UIs I would need. Stopped the service, copied over my conf and userdata folders, deleted the userdata/cache contents. Restarted openhab. Log file said it removed all the UIs and bindings I had installed. Figured out this was due to the addons.cfg file. Added te UIs and bindings to the file and restarted OpenHab. UIs are now good and bindings are loaded, but none of my items are there. The zwave binding shows nothing, the hue binding tells me I need to reauthenticate, etc. It’s like I am starting all over again.

Can someone tell me the steps I need to follow to get myself on the latest version without having to redo all items?


Unfortunately, that is what you have to do. There were several breaking changes, the most important is this one:

So all your data is in the old mapdb database, but now jsondb is used …

OK. Thanks for helping me out. So I will need to re-setup all items.

Do I need to exclude all the zwave devices and then re-include them? Or is all that kept on the ZWave controller and OpenHab will just see new devices to setup?