Updating openhab2?

Sorry if this question has been answered already but how do I update openhab2?
I am currently running domoticz and started playing with openhab2 on a spare rpi a couple of months ago. Domoticz recieves beta updates several times a week but how do I update openhab2? does it autoupdate or how is this done?

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OH2 does not do auto-updates;
you may want start reading here: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/index.html
as the update process may depend on how you had setup your system to begin with.
I would strongly recommend the apt-get method; (described in link above), if necessary or you don’t remember how you installed it in the first place, if may be easiest to just start over from scratch.

ok, thanks for the info. Just another question. When reading the domoticz forums it seams that rpi’s are often used to run the controller software. But there exists many threads about domoticz craching after a while (months-years) as there are frequently writes to the sdcard. In the domoticz wiki there are some tips of how to counter this using ramdisks, usb-memory etc. but nothing is enabled by default.

Is this something that I need to think about running openhab on a rpi too?

Yes, raspberries run on SD-cards which will crash after a certain amount of access, it is not a question of if, it really is a question of when, but that applies to all uses of the raspberry.
There are various ways to install everything in a USB-stick, external hard disk (via USB), etc., what works for you will depend on the rpi model you are using, rpi3 offers the most and easiest support.

would suggest to search on the raspberry foundation for their post on how to do this
for rpi2, I have used adafruit’s approach if I remember correctly: https://learn.adafruit.com/external-drive-as-raspberry-pi-root?view=all