Upgrade 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 on new server

Hi all,

I have openhab 2.3 installed on an old laptop, now I have a new server.
I have about 25 zwave items, Yahoo Weather binding installed.
I can’t upgrade openhab on old server.
Which is the best way to migrate from old server to new and upgrading to openhab 2.4?
Option one

  • Install openhab 2.3 on new server
  • Restore backup from old server
  • Upgrade to 2.4 on new server
    Option Two
  • Install openhab 2.4 on new server
  • Restore backup from old server made with version 2.3, Works ???
    Option Three
  • Install openhab 2.4 on new server
  • Copy config directory
  • Copy persistence file
  • Manually install the bindings


I would go with option 1
you would be restoring the back up on the same OH
Restoring the back up on an upgraded OH may cause problems. There were some breaking changes with 2.4

In this case I have to follow the steps for zwave device migration from 2.3 to 2.4:

  • remove la zwave
  • clear cache
  • … ecc

What about Yahoo Weater Bindig, how can I remove it?


Remove it, back up, install 2.3 in new hardware, restore backup.