Upgrade an old Intercom to Open the door

That should work.
Make sure you flash the ESP with the correct firmware to be able to connect it to openHAB: either with Tasmota or with ESPEasy. Connection to openHAB is done through MQTT.

It’s only a relay. If it can be commanded via HTTP as delivered, that will do.

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Yepp, did not think about that one :sunglasses:

Now I am a bit confuse, do I need to use MQTT & ESPEasy, or it can work without them. I will google for examples or guide, hopefully it should be available.

Thank you all.

It can work with just the HTTP binding:

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Something like this should work:

Switch YourItem { http=">[ON:POST:http://<ip address>/control?cmd=GPIO,<pin>,1] >[OFF:POST:http://<ip address>/control?cmd=GPIO,<pin>,0]" }

You may need to switch the β€œ0” and β€œ1” depending on how you connect the relay.
Of course you need to add the ip adress of your device and the GPIO the relay is connected to.