Upgrade from OH 2.5.10 to OH3 : openhabian-config stuck in loop

OH version 2.5.10

I’m trying to switch branch from OpenHabian 2.5.10 to 3M2, but not getting past ‘openhabian-config’.
Every time I run it I’m told that it needs to update itself, which it appears to do. I then select ‘branch’, and choose OH3 BETA. Option 4 then appears in the list, but if I try and select it I get an error:

If I exit openhabian-config, and start again, I go through all of the same questions i.e. ‘I need to update myself’ etc.

Any help gratefully received.

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You need to read carefully

So why do you switch to openHAB3 branch and not to master ?

reading carefully is fine; but what do you exactly mean? Master branch of openhabian-config tool or master branch of openhab or both or…?

Have you ever seen an openhab master branch ? Would you know how to change there ?

Nobody seems to have addressed the question as to why openhabian-config wants to update itself at every run, and no matter which branch I select, it stays the same.

Because you keep failing to switch to the master branch BEFORE anything else.
Which the docs, pointed at again above, clearly state is a prerequisite :roll_eyes:
You have no “upgrade” menu option because you are not on master.

I can’t switch to the master branch. When I try, I see the update scripts run, log out of openhbian-config, see a line in the console saying switching to stable branch. Every time I run the config app this happens; needs to update itself, says I’m not on stable, or master, invites me to change … repeat until very bored!

Try to “cusor down” to master, “blank” to select, “tab” to execute “enter” to start the change.

That did it for me some time ago. I’m running quite an old version of openHABian (updated, yes … anyway strange behaviour here and there) and unterlaying os version, though.

openhabian-config offers to update itself whenever there’s new code for the current branch.
Read the window title and text (it should tell you the branch you’re on).
You actually need to actively select master. The asterisk marks your selection so get that moved to the master line before you press enter to proceed.

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