Upgrade issue from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0 in Windows using the update.bat

Tried to upgrade from openHAB3.2.0 - snapshot #2620 to openHAB3.3.0 latest snapshot using the update.bat under …\runtime\bin…

OH starts but no bindings are “online” except the few ones in the addons folder. All other remain “Resolved” if i check the Karaf console.

Within 3.2.0 such upgrades always worked out perfect. Has anybody a hint for me what the problem is.

Give it some time to reinstall the add-ons. If after a time it still doesn’t work clear the cache and give it some time to install the add-ons. If that still doesn’t work I don’t have much to offer. I suspect logs would be useful.

Many thanks Rich, i took indeed much more time than usually. It works out now.

Best regards,

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