Upgrade issues with Samba et al

Hi, I just tried to upgrade from 2.5.11 to 3.0.0. The installation ends with an error for the samba configuration. I read in the forum that another guy had the same issue and fixed the etc/fstab manually. But the samba is not my main issue. If I start the OH service, it’s seems to run fine, but nothing happens. Not yet a single line of output in the :9001 log interface. I rolled back by installing 2.5.11 again and it works fine on OH2. But also a second try results in the same. How to go on here? How to find the root for this upgrade issue? Thx, Denis

I moved your posting it was off topic
It is not even openHAB related (don’t confuse that with openHABian)

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From my point of view it’s definitely openHAB related, because openHAB isn’t working after updating!? How to deal with that?