Upgrade oh2 to oh3 after bintray is dead

I had a working oh3, which i had previously updated from oh 2.4. Then a power outage screwed my SD card.
With no working backup (spare me a lecture here, i’m aware of the need…) i reinstalled 3.2 from scratch, OpenHabian. Try as i might i cannot get the Razberry serial z-wave module to work, it always says offline. I tested it using the -zway-server software and the hard ware works fine.

I did find a backup of my 2.4, but of course i cannot upgrade that since Bintray is dead. I have read every topic/post/discussion on the subject, but not being a native UNIX speaker, some things mean nothing to me. Could somebody please explain in english, how i update the repositry thingys to point to the new sources, so i can use openhabian-config to update to 3.x.

please do not say “you need to configure the do-dad”, or “just add /etc/blah/blah to the jigger file”, I am not capable of interpreting your instructions. I need actual steps to follow. surely thats possible?

my openhabian-config is V1.4.1-416. I’m happy to provide what other else information is needed.

thanks for your help.


Change first option in the serial port menu of openhabian-config.

Now come on you screwed it up yourself now expect someone to spend (quite a lot of) his time just to get your oldish system working again ?
No point in going back to 2.4 when you had it working in OH3.

really ? that’s your best answer for someone asking an honest , open question? I offer my areas of expertise freely on other forums, and i merely ask the same respect here.

My ‘oldish’ has all my configs, rules etc all set up as i liked it, and transferring it to 3 previously was very nice and easy.

surely someone knows how to fix the repository problem?

BTW, i did finally get the razberry serial working, but “scan” on zwave binding finds none of my z-wave devices (27 of them), hence the preference to repeat the upgrade process.

Yes, really. You may or may not be aware that it is quite difficult what you’re asking from volunteers and frankly, reading your post did not motivate me to help you with going for what I consider to be the wrong path. Let’s see if it motivates others.
The ‘right’ path is getting OH3 to work which cannot be all that difficult since you said you had it working already, you also have the config and said it imports fine so focus on getting OH3 to work. Which is what I even helped you with best given the information you provided. You can also install 2.5, import your 2.4 config and upgrade.

thanks Markus for your insights and opinions. I have been working on this for nearly two weeks and don’t consider myself stupid. I am a professional software developer, just not in this space. I know how to read, to extract information, to experiment and draw conclusions. I have gone down various “rabbit holes” following others well-meaning but often cryptic advice, hence the request for some more complete instructions.

Surely I’m not the only person on this planet that has had this problem of trying to upgrade 2.4 AFTER the death of bintray?

  • make sure you have a back
  • use the information that is available on page Download openHAB | openHAB
  • with that information replace the content in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/YourFileNameHere
  • then follow the normal apt update and upgrade procdure
  • in case you already use openhabian for your 2.4 installation make sure to upgrade openhabian first then just use openhabian to do the update/upgrade

I am afraid this will not give the OP the option to install openHAB 2.4, as only the last openHAB 2.5.x version is hosted (2.5.12 if I remember correct.)

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My understanding is when Bintray went down we lost a lot of legacy stuff, including anything before OH 2.5. So there really is nothing you can do to get back to 2.4. You’ll either need to upgrade to 2.5.12 or upgrade to 3.x.

But my understanding is you are running from a backup so you already have a working OH 2.4 and you want to upgrade that to 3.1.

That’s a pretty big ask. I have no reason to believe that it will work. I know of no instances where that has been reported to work. You might be able to upgrade first to 2.5 and then to 3.x. I think it might work if you follow Wolfgang_S’s instructions to switch over to the new Jfrog hosting where OH 2.5 is located and then upgrade to 2.5 specifically. But…

If you are really so lost on Linux one wonders why you are running OH on Linux in the first place. You can run OH on Windows which, based on your username, you might be much more comfortable doing. Maybe your time is better spent working there because this too, is a huge ask.

It’s akin to when my elderly dad used to call me and say “I scanned a file, where did it go?” :man_shrugging: Which machine? What do you mean “scanned”? After about a million questions and about an hour later I might be able to tell him where his file went. You are asking the same thing of us.

Consider this scenario. Think of a person close to you who doesn’t understand computers at all. Now you have to tell that person how to create a pivot table in Excel using nothing but SMS text messages. That’s that you are asking us to do.

We don’t see what you are seeing. We don’t know what you’ve done to that machine. We don’t know the results of commands run.

If you want to stick with Linux and the RPi even though “some things mean nothing to you” I recommend the following course of action.

  1. Run sudo openhab-cli backup to create a backup of your OH 2.4 configs. Copy those off the machine.
  2. Install a brand new openHABian image configured to install OH 2.5. See openHABian | openHAB for how to configure openHABian to install OH 2.5 that first time.
  3. Once installed, copy your 2.4 backup over to the newly configured machine and restore it using openhab-cli restore.
  4. Look at the logs for errors and fix what needs fixing.
  5. Once you have a working 2.5 instance use openhabian-config and these instructions to upgrade the 2.5 instance to 3.1.
  6. Once again look a the logs and fix what needs fixing.

That’s about as close as I can get to instructions you can interpret.


thanks Rich, what you wrote is exactly what i am looking for. Like I said, i’m not a complete nufty, but lack some basic knowledge that you all take for granted. as an example, I wanted to know what version of openhab i am running. A post said to check /etc/version.properties. that’s easy, except it was really /var/lib/openhab2/etc/version.properties. How would I suppose to know that?

As for sticking to windows, that’s the easy path to take. I want to continue to learn and grow my skills, even one day help someone else.

I shall now “give it a bash” and see what happens. thanks again.

Well, that post was simply wrong. If you have a link to that post I can go and correct it.

The OP did not ask for a source of 2.4.
The question I was referring to was:

so my answer explained that the apt source need to be changed and then the update could be done.

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