Upgrade OpenHABian/Raspbian image

Is there an easy way to upgrade to a newer openHABian, underlaying Raspbian and all?

I was/am on Raspbian 8, wanted to try running pi-hole along side OpenHAB, but was told me my OS was unsupported, so i tried to upgrade. openhabian-config only seemed to updage openHab, unless I missed something. Tried upgrading Raspbian with the entire sudo apt-get / sudo sed / etc commands. I did get upgraded to 9, but openHAB completely working. openHAB Android app did show my home, but nothing worked.

Even a way to backup my entire openHAB setup/bindings/etc, flash the latest openHABian image, and then restore would be perfectly fine.

I feel like this question has to have been asked before, but a quick look around, I didn’t see anything. Sorry if I’m blind.

Start with a new sd card is the easiest.

Well that was a bit of an adventure. Did the process again. Tricks were I had to remove all my z-wave things in PaperUI, and readd them. Update sitemap items to point at the “new” devices. Then everything z-wave kept coming online, to going offline with uninitialized errors, over and over. Had to remove nest1 binding from addons.config. Of course now Nest is broken, but I’ll start trying to readd that now I guess just use the Nest app itself.
Make my struggle will help someone else out someday?
Do I even attempt trying now to upgrade to Raspbian 10? maybe later