Upgrade problem

I’ve been using OpenHAB v1.5.1 and am upgrading to latest (1.8.1). It’s not starting properly.

I copied my configurations/ and etc/ folders from the old setup and put them into the new setup.
The new instance of OpenHAB starts and I can connect to it OK from the browser.
However the “exec refresh” service isn’t starting.

Any idea why things aren’t starting properly?

Any tricks in upgrading from one version to the next?

For what reason did you copy your /etc folder?
Take a look at this upgrading procedure (although it is from 1.6 to 1.7).
And make sure you have the correct jar’s in your /addons folder (and only one jar for each addon …)

the reason for copying the etc folder in my case would be to save and restore the rdd4j data base.

It depends on the install method: persistence files are located in /var/lib/openhab when using apt-get install.

I am using windows

I have not the slightest idea how a windows version works … so just forget all my answers …

Edit: but my answer is still applicable to the original thread opener :grin:

thanks for the prompt feedback. Sihul, aside from the rrd4j, the etc folder also has the login.conf which I needed to preserve.

In any case the problem was that I had failed to keep all the necessary addons from the original configuration. In particular I needed org.openhab.binding.exec-1.8.1.jar org.openhab.binding.onewire-1.8.1.jar on top of those I already had.

Thanks again folks.

Ahh, okay. Have never had the need to edit that one …