Upgraded last night, having z-wave problems

I updated the full OH2 last night, and since then I am having lots of issues. To start with I have lots of messages similar to this one;

21:07:05.525 [WARN ] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 9: Command for unknown channel zwave:device:controller:node9:switch_dimmer with PercentType

This is regadless if I do it from my own sitemap, or from the ‘control’ page in Paper.

Not all zwave items are affected, but many. Did something change dramatically the last week?

Also, all my Fibaro FGWPE pluggs comes up with a delete button in Habmin, and no settings.

Do I need to wipe database and/or zwave runtime folder for this update?

If this is for a single device, then it would be worth knowing what the device is?

No - the notification class has been updated, but that shouldn’t affect dimmers.

This particular device is a ‘064394 Schuko Plug Dimmer’ (Reitz Group).

I see in the device database that the Fibaro plug switch has been updated three days ago. I presume this is why they are in zombie mode?

I don’t think so - is this the fibaro fgwp101? I think that we only added an extra channel for meter reset, so it shouldn’t affect the system as far as I know. I know on other devices in the past adding channels shouldn’t stop an existing system from working so I can’t see why this would change here.

yes I added meter reset for fibaro plug in the db
they do work …

OK, I see that they actually work from UI now, but in habmin it looks like this on all of mine (and cannot be edited);

Note that I have two different problems - my node 9 plug dimmer, which does not any longer work (dimmer), and the half-alive Fibaro plugs.

@chris any suggestion on the dimmer issue in particular? Is there something special to log etc?

The Fibaro issue isn’t too important, I don’t need to configure the plugs, since they are already up and running anyways.

I think/thought that you did some fix for my dimmer issue the last time it happened, since I updated some days later, and then it started to work again. (Did you?)

Now I upgraded a few days ago, and the dimmer issue came back again. Is there something special with this device?
(064394 Schuko Plug Dimmer, see first post for actual issue).

No - I didn’t make any changes, and the database for this device hasn’t changed since the middle of August (and even then the change would not make any difference as it was just adding some metadata).

The device looks pretty standard to me, so not sure there’s anything special about it…

I deleted the thing and the xml, and when it came back it worked again. It will be interesting to see what happens on next upgrade.