Upgrading Google Assistant from OH2 way to OH3

I read that in the new way to configure items in OH3 in order to work with GA.
I want to move the new way.

Switch myLight “My light” (gLights) [“Lighting”, “Lightbulb”] {channel=“zwave:device:Zwave:node10:switch_binary1”}

and the new way is:

Switch myLight “My light” (gLights) [“Lightbulb”] {ga=“Switch”, channel=“zwave:device:Zwave:node10:switch_binary1”}

After updating the items file, and telling Google to update my devices the “My light” has disappeared…
Any ideas what am I doing wrong?


Try ga="Light"

Didn’t help

I think you have the wrong quotes. Compare, Try ga=“Light” and ga=“Light” .

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It is working (didn’t notice it is in another room in my google home app).

But now I can’t put temperature sensor:
Number currentTemperature "Living room Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (gLivingroom) ["Temperature"] { ga="TemperatureSensor", channel="zwave:device:Zwave:node15:sensor_temperature"}

Any ideas?


Hi @Ahiel ,

I was looking for the same right now. While it seems to be available in openhab and google the development seems to be ongoing, at least that is was I got from here. I also read somewhere that there is no visual representation in the Google home app yet. I am trying to implement it using a Thermostat, but that has it own problems, as it is discussed here .
I hope this helps.

Best wishes

I think it is delayed. See: