Upgrading OH in Docker on Synology

Hi all,

Just getting back into OH after a bit of a hiatus with a renewed interest in trying out OH3.

Many sleeps ago I set up OH 3.1.0 in docker on my Synology, which seems to be working fine. I did start setting up and converting items from my original OH2 Pi setup but I’m happy to nuke it all and start fresh with the view that I’ll probably be able to get back into things starting from scratch than trying to unravel where I got to as well as learning OH3.

So, question is, is there an easy way to upgrade the OH 3.1.0 in docker to the latest stable OH release, (3.3 I believe), or is it best to just nuke the whole container and start again?


Upgrading is very doable and easy. However, Jfrog is currently down so if you try to do so right at this moment you’ll get errors about not being able to install the add-ons. You can get around that short term by downloading the add-ons .kar file. See Jfrog repo is down, can't install OH nor add-ons - #44 by rlkoshak for details.

To upgrade your container, simply pull down the latest release Docker image and spin up a new container using the same parameters as your old one. The container will run a script that notices that your config is for an older version and, after backing the configs up of course, make any changes necessary to bring the config up to that version of OH.

The number of differences between OH 3.1.0 and 3.3.0 release is pretty minimal from a config perspective. But it would be a good idea to look at the release notes for 3.2.0 and 3.3.0, paying particular attention to any mention of “breaking changes”.

Having said all of that, there can be some benefit to starting over from scratch as well. It lets you fix stuff that is hard to fix after the fact like Item names and naming patterns and the like. So it’s up to you.

Thanks, is the jfrog repo a temporary thing or do you think it will be down for an extended period?

As I’m in no particular hurry, I just want to start OH again, I can wait a bit - it gives me the chance to re-read the docs :slight_smile:

Good to know there are only little config differences between 3.1 and 3.3 as I have just been looking at my current docker and I do remember spending a lot of time setting users, settings and doing the semantic model so I’m leaning towards an upgrade rather than the nuke option.

:person_shrugging: It’s never been down for more than an hour or so before. We are pushing 48 hours at this point. It’s a third party service openHAB relies on so we don’t have much control over it beyond filing trouble tickets and such.

:crossed_fingers: no worries, is there a system status page somewhere that I can monitor or just keep reverting back to the thread above…I’m in no massive rush so I’ll bide my time with the OH docs…

https://status.openhab.org/ has the status of all the openHAB dependent services. Watching that thread above is a good place to see intermittent updates, as we learn more.


It’s back…

Glad to be of service :wink: