Upload updated binding to release build

I have been working on adding some tweaks to an existing binding.
I managed to install eclipse, download the binding from the 2.4 master (I believe), edit it, recompile and test it on a clean version of the 2.4 build.

I’m now stuck trying to workout how to upload it to the main project for review etc.
I have a GIT account and tried to follow the tutorials but cannot work out how to do this.
Any advice for this NOOB will be gratefully received.

Many thanks


You should send a pull request from your repo to openhab:master.

Think I managed to upload it.
I didn’t originally have a repo ( well not that I knew of), so that was my stumbling block.

Many thanks.

Out of curiosity did you install eclipse per openHAB developement documentation or did you do a separate install and cloned openhab repo after that?

Could you please provide a link to your github page?

I setup eclipse using the guide openHAB.org site… just reviewed this again and noticed a step to put in git user info, I don’t remember doing this.
That could be the problem, that could be the reason I couldn’t get it into git!!! Doh

Hopefully the link below is the one you were asking about.
Git page

Now gotta go back and work out how to check/add the git info in eclipse.

Many thanks


You haven’t signed off your PR.

Signed-off-by Your Name <your.e@mail.com>

Good spot, should be signed now!


From what I can tell I’m sill not signing this correctly.
In the review section it states the sign-off-by required for everything I have tried.
The most recent attempt to add a signature was via GitHub desktop (on Windows).
If I try this via Eclipse it tries to add a GitHub email address and reading the guides suggests that’s not allowed.
Can anybody tell what I am doing to get into such a mess?

Right another update, I found the setting in eclipse to change the signature (I hope).
I have ticked the box to automatically add the sign-off
What is the best way forward, as I currently have 6 commits failing due to Sign-Off and don’t want to keep adding to it but want all the changes I previously submitted to be processed correctly.

Many Thanks


You can squash all those commits into one and sign off that.

Can’t get that to work.
selected all the commits listed in eclipse (only 3 show up but GitHub says 6?)
selected squash
then tried to push the squashed commit but nothing changes online… I get an error in eclipse about Master [rejected non-fast-forward]

Not sure where to go from here :frowning:
Sorry I’m a complete NOOB!

Fingers crossed I have got it to work… I used the reword option for the existing commit

I’m no pro either, but looks like you got it fixed. Only one signed commit is showing. I looked in to that and there seems to be one file related to neeo binding. Isn’t that in a wrong place?

Many thanks for your help.
No idea where that neeo came from, so have removed it!