Uponor Smatrix (i.e. wired) control?

Hmm, I have an Uponor Smatrix wired UFH system. Anyone have any ideas on how to open this up to HAB?

Uponor’s suggestion was to replace the whole thing (controller, thermostats) to wireless ‘Smatrix Wave’ and add an R-167 ‘wave module’. So that’ll be £488 for ‘X-165+I-167’ controller plus £332 for the ‘R-167’ wave module plus 5 off T-166 wireless thermostats at £63. So that’s £1,135 to get connectivity…

Then I get the benefit of unreliable wireless connection instead of wired and the pleasure of regularly changing the batteries in the thermostats…

Is there a better way? And if I’m chucking away all the Uponor stuff anyway, are there any more savvy UFH manufacturers that are recommended?

TIA, Alan

Let’s have look…
What is the model of your controller?

What is the model of your controller?

It’s a Uponor SMatrix Base part #1071679. This has 5 off 1086976 thermostats, a 1086978 timer and 7 off 24V actuators (3 are wired as one zone). The thermostats etc appear to be 5V RS485 modbus-ish.

I’m looking at the Heatmiser 12V neo stuff atm. I can’t quite figure out whether this is equivalent - the Uponor marketing makes a big deal about ‘balancing’, whereas as far as I can figure out the Heatmiser is straight bang-bang control for each zone.