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Has anyone seen these and had them working with OpenHab? I’m just starting out with a PI 3 and looking to fit out my house with some cheap dimmers. I have had one of these working using the eWeLink app and had it linked to my google home which is pretty cool but the next logical step would be to move away from cloud connections and start using an OpenHab hub.

I’m guessing new firmware using MQTT is required, I have opened one up but soldering and flashing one would be hard enough without doing 10-15. Can they be done over the air?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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The sonoff devices are no longer OTA flashable (for the initial flashing) but you may not have to solder. I have several sonoff devices where simply holding dupont jumper wires to the points was enough and once you have custom firmware on them, you can OTA from that point on.

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You can also get pogo pins to work well. The spring makes it easier to get and retain an even connection across all the pins during that first flashing.

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This might be going slightly off-topic but how did you hold the pogo pins in place? I also tried that but had much more luck with a combination of jumper wires and crocodile plugs.

I inserted the pogo pins into one end of a female-female jumper wires that I stripped off a ribbon cable and kept together. I taped the pogo pins in place with electrician’s tape and to hold the ends of the cable together. I let the tape go down about a mm and it worked just fine. Just make sure the thin part of the pogo pin is facing down.

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So flash Sonoff-Tasmota can someone confirm if it has the correct configuration for this dimmer?