US equivalents of SwiidInter Cord Switch and Fibaro Wall Plug

When I lived in Europe, I heavily relied on these two fellows:

SwiidInter Cord Switch: (no neutral needed)
Fibaro Wall Plug: (also includes consumption metering)

They are both lovely. Pretty, small form factor and exactly the functions I wanted.

But - they are only for 240v. Now I live in the US, and my house is 120v.

I’ve googled my eyes out, but I can’t find any equivalents for the US market. Anybody have any tips on similar devices for US electricity?


The Fibaro is spec’ed to run @ 110-230V (see manual).
But check out zwave frequency, too (I don’t recall right now if its the same in EU and US).

sihui: I’m currently renting a house, so I don’t want things in the walls.

Markus: Hmm… but it doesn’t fit the plugs (physically)? I could of course use physical converters, but that would ruin the small form factor.

Frequency doesn’t matter, I have multiple sticks.


It’s hard to satisfy you :grinning:
I’ll try again:

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Strange: on the actual device (at least at mine) it states only 230V …

But the 60Hz for the US are available :grin:

sihui: Haha, the have an Amazom link on each page - but none of the products are actually on Amazon, and the link just goes to the search results page for “Zwave”. How useful…

None of them are as neat as the Fibaro plug, and none of them have the glowing LED frame. Maybe the first one (Zooz Miniplug) could be something, but I don’t find anywhere to buy it.

My Fibaro plugs also said “230VAC” only on the devices, which is why I sold them all when I moved. Generally I kept anything saying 110-240V, no matter the physical shapes.


Sorry, didn’t check the availability …

This is what I want!

Not as neat as the Fibaro ones, but close enough. Thanks for the hint, sihui!