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Hello there from germany…

I have read that there are no German group and it only native English-speaking people is easy to go into openhab … so be it … then just with Googelish …
I am working for a few days with openhab to determine if I can port my current infrastructure, running under FHEM, to OpenHAB. I currently operate various HomeMatic and also some InterTechno devices. All are currently powered by a RPi2 with two Stackable SCC (BusWare).
In this context seems to me to be a good solution as a “multi-protocol gateway” RPi because I can run on a device two (or more) transceivers for diferent protocols and/or Frequences. Since House and yard ultimately a total of at least 4 Units (rather 5 Units) such Rpi gateways needed a way is because hardly past it.
However, I’m not been able to carry all the information together to embed these constelation in OpenHAB.

Question is:
Is it possible to connect (via LAN or WLAN) 5 RPi (Debian), each with a HM and IT transceiver, operatively engage in OpenHAB like a CCU or anything other Gateway???

For help I have made a graphic from what I like to have…

Just try: and for homematic try


Hi Thomas,

ty for the links. I will read a little there and may ask. But I belive I will understand it better in german than in english. That will help!

Hi again,

forum.homegear is’nt very helpfull and I belive only made for the freaks or developer (like fhem). Simple Q’s like mine will be ignored. I will try the KNX right now and if there also no result than I will terminate my OpenHAB-Project…

What a pity that it is just made for beginners so terribly difficult to get into the system or to access the necessary information on hardware and software. But that probably seems to lie in the nature of things, as I had to learn it painful even with FHEM …

Hi Michael,

as with all things you should start small an expand then. You are asking serveral things at once an expecting a solution.

  1. step: Setup Homegear for HM Devices and connect to openhab
  2. step: Expand to other devices and connect to openhab
  3. step: Extend the solution to more instances.

For each step you will get help in differnet areas.


Hi Thomas,

that’s senseless…

So far no one has come up with the idea of develope/using a Rpi with various transceivers as multiprotocol wireless gateway. As long as there is not such a thing, there is no possibility to change from the current FHEM installation to openhab. Because in FHEM I can (almost) put together as many Rpi with any transceivers to form a intelligent whole. This is not possible in openhab.

In short: At the moment OpenHABis desirable, but not useable on larger campuses as not thought through.

Hi Michael,

I have to jump in for homegear here. I’m running it on an RPi with Homematic AND Max!. For Homematic I use a CC1100-Module from Pollin on SPI directly on the RPi. For Max! I’m using the Max!-Cube flashed with the CUL-Firmware via USB. Homegear itself represents every device via the homematic-binding to openhab and works here since half a year without any problems - including auto discovery for openhab2.

So, this is kind of a multiprotocoll-gateway. All other protocolls are connected through openhab - like Intertechno. But for every protocoll you need a separate receiver (hardware-module, bridge, usb stick, etc.) as stated in the homegear forums here:

I’ve started from nothing in January and got it running with openHab in like 2 Weeks (evenings, weekends). Simply take the SD-Card-Image from the homegear homepage, get some hardware and give it a try. But you have to make yourself familar with the systems used (Encryption, Teach-In, CLI, etc.)

Sathya (the developler of homegear) does everything he can to keep the software working, updating it and programming new features. All on a free basis and beside his main job.
As far as I know he is working on integrating networked transceivers with homegear. So a Pi Zero with Wi-Fi for example, could be used across the house.

I think the main problem you adress here is, that every manufacturer is boiling his own soup. Everyone thinks he got the holy grail of home automation and does not need to talk to other products or protocolls.
Openhab and homegear are trying to build these bridges…

And in one point you are right: It’s not a fancy pre-build ready environment. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty.

Hit me up - also in german - if you need advice.


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