Use forked version of nrjavaserial for zwave - OH2.5

Is there a way to force the use of a different version of the nrjavaserial jar? Currently if I add the zwave binding the nrjavaserial jar as part of OH core is used. I have placed a different version in the addons folder and it is loaded, but not used.

I do not know if that would break your installation or if that will work.
What is shown in the karaf console:

bundle:list | grep serial

There are two entries. One entry for the jar I put in addons and one for the OH included jar.

and the one belonging to the system is the active one ?

210 │ Active │  80 │ 3.15.0.OH2              │ nrjavaserial

They are both active

Have a look at Instructions for openHAB on FreeNAS? in that post the sequence of commands of activating the other bundle is explained.