Use Hue status (online/offline) in rule

I notice that in the events.log in OH2 that I get notifications on Hue lights being online / offline

[hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘hue:0100:001788203107:5’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE: Bridge reports light as not reachable

I’d like to use this as a rule

e.g. when
item hue:0100:001788203107:5 changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE

Has anyone managed to do this?


this is not an item, it is a “Thing”. And there ist currently an issue open for getting the status of it:

So currently not possible as far as i know.


Thanks @Jensen for clarifying. I’ll track that issue in the hope that it is implemented in future

@Kai I saw some updates to the gitHub issue where made in April - does this mean this feature is coming?

I was hoping to use this for powerfail notification since my Hue and Milight bridges aren’t on a UPS and also for notification of when someone ignores the automation and turns a Hue bulb off at the switch there could be a reminder that it’s overridden.

Just coming back to this…

Anyone managed to get any progress on this?

Take a look at
Should work properly.

Fantastic! Thanks. I’ll have a go

I think this is a great addition to the system, however, I find it a bit troublesome that there are a few caveats to the definiton of the OFFLINE and UNKNOWN statuses described here:

Ideally I would like to simply check for ONLINE and OFFLINE, but as the documentation goes, it looks like a device in OFFLINE and UNKNOW may well turn out to be completely OK once it receives a command - so I really don’t know what to make of this…