Use Ip Camera with HABpanel

Hello everyone,

I’m having problems importing video from a hikvision camera, when I use habpannel in Internet Explorer, I can see the video from the camera from a Widget Frame, however, when I use mozilla firefox, I can see the image of the camera from its url http: / but I can not see it from the habpannel, which I do not understand since if I can see the video from the url I should be able to see it from the openhab, (in internet explorer I can in both).

In the firefox element inspector, I see that I have some errors 401 and 403 http, but I do not know how to solve them, or if in fact the problem is that, I thank them for any help they can give me.

HABpanel View in Internet Explorer:

Camera IP View in Firefox:

HABpanel View in Firefox and Http Errors:

I’m using a similar setup, FF, HABPanel, IP Camera.
Mjpeg is configured in a custom template like

<img ng-src="" style="max-height: 95%; max-width: 95%;"</img>

No problems viewing it in FF (59 Beta).

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Try using the template as you recommended, but I only get a broken image, and I can not use it in FF 59.

Try using this binding with your hikvision camera. The 401 errors may be the browser is not displaying or handling the authorization correctly. This binding does the authorization and then passes the picture on to an image channel which you can use in sitemaps and widgets.