Use multiple items via a group with alexa

Hello everybody,
I got my openHAB running and alexa connected. I can see my 3 xiaomi ceiling light windows with alexa and can control them. However I’d like to control em all by using a single group. Is it correct that the alexa binding does not support groups?

Thanks in advance

I’ve never tried it, but my understanding is if you define your group as a switch ( i.e. Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) ) then it gets treated as a switch by OH. Have you tried that and adding the [“Switchable”] tag to the group ?

Not at home to check the exact config, but I believe I am using a group switch with switchable tag. Just try adding it. I can’t check until Monday.

No idea how I could have missed this, but I can simply use the alexa-app to group items and then use that group. It works, but I’d prefer to be able to have grouped items within openHAB too… which is possible, but not visible in alexa