Use of Expire binding with ZWay Dimmer?

How exactly do I use the expire binding to shutoff a dimmer (ZWay attached) after X minutes? I get the error

017-12-06 13:38:15.978 [ERROR] [el.item.internal.GenericItemProvider] - Binding configuration of type ‘channel’ of item ‘LowerHallLightsFibaro_SwitchMultilevel’ could not be parsed correctly.
org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item.BindingConfigParseException: UID must have at least 4 segments.
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.thing.internal.GenericItemChannelLinkProvider.createItemChannelLink([133:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.thing:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.thing.internal.GenericItemChannelLinkProvider.processBindingConfiguration([133:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.thing:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item.internal.GenericItemProvider.internalDispatchBindings([123:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item.internal.GenericItemProvider.internalDispatchBindings([123:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item.internal.GenericItemProvider.processBindingConfigsFromModel([123:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item.internal.GenericItemProvider.modelChanged([123:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl.notifyListeners([122:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl.addOrRefreshModel([122:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core.internal.folder.FolderObserver.checkFile([122:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core:0.9.0.b5]
at org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core.internal.folder.FolderObserver.processWatchEvent([122:org.eclipse.smarthome.model.core:0.9.0.b5]

when I try something like

Switch LowerHallLightsFibaro_SwitchMultilevel { channel=“11.2”, expire=“10m,command=OFF” }

Your problem isn’t the expire part. Your channel is invalid and the error does state that.

“Binding configuration of type ‘channel’ of item ‘LowerHallLightsFibaro_SwitchMultilevel’ could not be parsed correctly.”

A typical channel ID looks something like


I would expect the same for Zway.

You can find the channel ID in PaperUI by browsing to the Thing and the Channel ID will be listed under each Channel at the bottom of the page. There is a little square icon to the right of the Channel ID that will automatically copy the ID to the clipboard to make it easier to paste into your .items file.


Thanks Rich.

That concise description is missing from the expire doc… The examples have things like ‘zwave=“3”’ (And there’s no mention of channel at all in the doc online).

The docs don’t mention where to put the config either… But I did at least manage to find that info in a couple of other postings.


Because those have nothing to do with the expire binding.

All of the binding READMEs assume you have a basic understanding of how Things, Channels, and Items work. Therefore they do not reproduce information that is found elsewhere in the docs. The User’s guide covers all of that information in depth.

I recommend reviewing the Beginner’s Guide followed by the Concepts and Configuration sections User’s Guide. Those explain how Items, Channels, Things, and all the rest work. Then the binding READMEs provide the information specific to that binding.