Use old tablet for Habpanel

I have an old Lenovo Android 4 tablet that I would like to use for Habpanel.
I can’t install the Habpanel app because the Android version is too old.
If I open it in Chrome I want to have it in full screen. Chrome doesn’t have a full screen option and any apps that I’ve found that will do it don’t run on Android 4.
I’ve tried other browsers but they don’t update the switch states automatically, I have to refresh the screen manually.
Can anyone suggest how I achieve full screen?

Have you tried Fully Kiosk Browser?
Not sure about the Android version, I put my old tablets on LineageOs

Have you looked / asked around to see if anyone / anywhere has the manually installable APK file for Android 4.x

For example

And so on…

I’d also check xda and make sure there isn’t an updated rom available for the tablet. Sometimes you’ll lose some functionality (camera, or?) but, it might be something you don’t need for this use-case.

You coul try few apps: - Android 4.0.3 - Android 4.0.3 - Android 4.4 - Android 4.4

I use Fully Kiosk with Android 7, runs well.

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