User and Pass outside LAN

Hi there all,
all the application that O use til now had a user+pass in order to login (web)
from outside of my home.

Is there also in OpenHAB possibility to apply a user+pass login on webside please ?

Thanks in advance

The way to connect to your openHAB server from outside your local land is via the website . While using the android app the required credentials are saved in the settings.

myopenhab is of course only one option. Please check

Thanks a lot all,
but I don’t understand this decision…

Maybe can be ok if I can choose… if I want to use or not a weblogin user.

I will read how to generate openHAB UUID and Secret and I’ll go via myopenhab.

I don’t see another possibility that i can use for my
on the page.

Maybe I can set a .htaccess like in order to block the access to the web folder.

Thanks a lot again


myopenhab not the only option.

Ok yes its the only option when you want it intergated in the webfrontend …

But you can set up a directory lock (.htaccess) or reverse proxy.

So when you load the Page you will be prompted for a username and password bevor the webfrontend get loaded.

I think this is more secure then a integrated usermanagement can ever be …

And what about… for example I want to do all possible thinks in the openhab
but my whife I want that do only some thinks ?

How do you think that myopenhab manage the users ? …well same thinks can be developed in openhab.
I don’t want to be critical… but openhab is an excelent aplication… the user management is a mandatory
think that missing. (my opinion)

Thanks again

openHAB has never intended to manage users, it’s applications were developed with completely different scopes.
The user management is achieved with other tools that are doing this in an excellent way. You can use these to secure not only openHAB, but your entire setup.

Ok have thougt you only want to get access security my fault !

Yes user rights management is missing in openhab :frowning:

You can use myopenhab …

Or as a work around (i dont think your wife will do bad things in the system):

Make a own sitemap for her without the things she should not use and give her only the direct link to this sitemap.

It is not secure but it will work …

Sorry … what do you mean with “other tools” please ?


As Thom already pointed out, you can use Nginx

Thanks a lot all