User-defined classes in rules

Is it possible to define your own classes for use in rules and scripts? The IDE doesn’t seem to like the syntax:

class Foo {

Relatedly, how do I figure out which features of Xtend are and aren’t allowed in rules?

Yes, but you will need to use the new rule engine with scripted automation and Jython, Groovy, jRuby, Kotlin, etc.

How do I enable/use scripted automation with the new rule engine? Is there a guide to using Kotlin with the new rule engine?

For anyone else wondering about class support in the Rules DSL, I found these comments by @rlkoshak explaining that the Rules DSL does not allow defining classes and has restrictions on what can be imported.

Just install the new rule engine… scripted automation is included.

Not yet, but I plan to get one together. Best to stick to Jython and use the helper libraries…

Thanks for the link!