User in openhab2

i’m a french beginner on openhab2 2.5. I’ve installed it with Package Repository Installation on a nas (readynas rn102 Debian Jessie version)
Installation is OK, and i ask myself if is this necessary to add user before installing. I’ve installed openhab2 directly on root user.

Sorry for my english

If you installed using apt openhab was installed to run as the local user named openhab.

is it possible to log as openhab on console ?

If you mean to log into Debian as user openhab I think the user is set up in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow with locked password and no shell.
That would make the answer no.

If you first logon to the host where openhab is installed and from there to localhost using the account openhab then you can use the openhab console which is called karaf. Inc ase you would like to have a look at the documentation have a look here.
Once logged on to the host you can change the configuration of the karaf console to accept remote logins which is disabled per default for security reasons.

ok, so everyone can use my openhab ?

oups… Sorry i didn’t see the Wolgang_S reponse
i will take a look at the documentation.

Thank a lot .

ps : is my english is a little correct ?

Ton anglais est compréhensible :smile:


Et ton dernier post, peux tu le faire en français, afin que je ne loupe rien ?

Sent you a private message. As far as I understand the preferred/official language here is english.