User interface (UI) in the HabPanel

I have created 3 pages in HabPanel

  • Mainpage
  • dining room
  • living room

How is it possible to add two buttons on each page, where I can switch direct to the wished page.
For example: On mainpage I need the buttons dining room and living room,
On dining room I need the buttons mainpage and living room and on living room I need the buttons maninpage and dining room

I want to avoid always having to go to the main menu.

hi joachim,
please try this:

  • go to a panel
  • switch to the editor mode
  • add a button widget
  • edit the button widget (3 vertical dots top right / edit)
    – name: edit the name for the display
    – action type: navigate
    – navigation type: dashboard
    – dashboard: select the target dashboard from the list
  • save your work
  • test

Thanks for the solution. It was really easy.