User Manual for OH2 and HABMIN2

I now that it is a question asked several times, but I can’t find a user manual for both systems. Presntly it’s only try and error to find out how it works. E.g. in HABMIN within the rules there are some symbols for ’ logic, Math, Items’. In some excamples I found an ‘if’ rule with if, else, elseif, … WIthin my HABMIN I do not have this pattern. I have the pattern for ‘if do’ and ‘if for do’ only. However, do someone have a real manual?

Thanks for the link, but this is an OH2 and HABMIN impression only. I’m looking for a manual. For such a good tool a manual should be mandatory.

A good tool shouldn’t need a manual :wink:
There is no exhausting documentation to my knowledge. Could you phrase three pressing questions, hopefully they can also be documented in the referenced Readme

ok, here some questions.

I former times I used OH1 and created the sitemaps manual, with die Designer. Now I see the dashboard in HABMIN. Is this dashboard the same than the former sitemaps? Do I get mobile access to the dashboard?

WIthin HABMIN Is this fantastic graphic rule designer.WIthin the examples I see some pattern which I do not have, e.g. the ‘if - do - elseif - do’ one. I have onle the ‘if - do’ pattern.

How to get the items into the graphic rule designer. In HABMIN2 I see in the ‘Elements’ my Items, but in the graphic rule designer, when I want to choose an item, I have the choice for ’ item, rename variable, new variable’ only, but I can’t choose the needed item direct.

I found a good description for OH2, but it’s in German only

And a description for the rule designer for HABMIN2.