Userdata\generated-bundles\bak.jar <<--- whats that?

I backup my OH folder frequently from my PI to a NAS

that file userdata\generated-bundles\bak.jar often breaks the backup job
I assume as it changes to rapidly and file size jumps between 3 and 10 meg

Can I skip that file or is it vital?

I have no idea what this file is about - what is inside it? Just try removing it, from its name I would expect that it is not required.

If I remove it … it gets instantly created again

will it help if I upload a copy for you?

Have a look inside yourself…

i would guess its related to habmin in some way as it mentiones “org.openhab.ui.habmin_2.0.0.SNAPSHOT-0.1.3.jar”

however version 1.3. is old and nowhere on my oh installation

ok i found the reason

I archived old version of bindings in a subfolder

-> addons/bak

–> when there is a subfolder in addons …
OH generates a file Userdata\generated-bundles\filenamesameasfoldernameinaddons.jar

Ah, that explains why I do not have that file :slight_smile:

that “feature” caused quite some MB/s on my PI :wink:

Me & PI are happy that I found that :slight_smile: