Username and password to log in OH2?

Hi folks, I’ve just started using OH2 on raspberry pi 3 for 3 days and it’s totally new to me.
In the past, I used OH1.8.3 and whenever I powered on my Rasp and went to : http:\, it appeared a little log in box requires user name and password, I was indeed very happy with this function, because it somehow enhanced the security of the system.
But when I migrated to OH2, this function seems to be disabled, how can I activate it? Please show me how!
Thanks in advance

Not yet available in OH2.

Oh so sad to hear that, I hope this function will soon available!

Yes, that is one important feature still missing in OH2 but there was recently code added that is a first step that should lead to more security in OH2.

If you need similar functionality, for the moment you can use openHAB with nginx.