Username password for local URL

(Haavar Valeur) #1

I require username and password for my local instance of openhab. I think that’s very reasonable given the control someone gets when accessing openhab.

I can use the iOS app with username and password either by only using, or I can configure my local URL as “remote” in the app. Lately I’ve been having some issues with, and when it’s working it’s too slow. I rarely use it remotely (if I ever need to, I can always use VPN).

The only thing I really need to use for is push notifications. I guess one solution would be too look for an alternative way to do push notifications…

Is there a way to configure a local URL with password while also maintaining the connection to to get the notifications?

Has this problem been brought up earlier?

(Metin) #2

You can setup nginx as a reverse proxy for openHAB that requires username and password as explained here:

(Haavar Valeur) #3

I think you misread my question. I have set up nginx with username, password and TLS.

The question is how can I connect directly to that reverse proxy with the iOS app, while still getting push notifications.

(Metin) #4

Sorry, I indeed misunderstood what you asked for. I guess if you want to use the local url and get push notifications, you’ll habe to use something like the telegram action. If the app doesn’t connect to, I don’t see how it could receive notifications from there.