Using 2 different z-wave coordinators

I purchased the Aeotec z-stick gen 5 before realizing that I needed a ZigBee radio as well to which I subsequently purchased the Linear HUSBZB-1. I was getting ready to return the Aeotec z-stick and then had a thought. I remember from the reviews that the major complaint about the Linear was that you couldn’t take it around with you. It had to be connected and you needed your RPi to be mobile essentially. So here is my thought, is it possible to also use the aeotec as a secondary controller on the same machine and just walk around with it and add my devices that way? If its a secondary controller, will the mapping transfer to the primary? Some of the sensors i dont particularly care to detach from their “homes” and bring to the RPi and I also dont want to disconnect the RPi so I can take it to the sensor.

Am I WAYYYYY over complicating this?

Thanks in advance!

You can have a single primary controller only. If that’s working with your Aeotec, be happy and leave it like that.
There’s many people to use it, so it’s a way safer choice than the Linear is.
You’re also misunderstanding the purpose of a secondary controller. Those you (usually) don’t use to include/exclude devices but to directly talk to devices. A secondary controller usually is a portable remote that has keys that you can press, resulting in a zwave command to directly control a device (with no involvement of openHAB or the primary controller).
To use your Aeotec stick as a secondary controller is possible, but does not make much sense.

Very good. Thank you. If I go with the Aeotec, how do I solve the ZigBee problem since Aeotec is Z-Wave only?

Use them in parallel.

So use the Z-wave off of the Aeotec and the ZigBee off of the Linear? Do I need to deactivate the Z-Wave radio on the linear or just remove that as a coordinator in openHAB?

I don’t understand what you mean. You can configure the zwave binding to bind to (take care of) the Aeotec’s interface (I mean /dev/ttysomething) only, or to bind to both interfaces, the Aeotec’s and the Linear’s. You could even operate two zwave networks, but note that every zwave device ‘belongs’ to a single master only (the controller it was included with) and that’s currently your Aeotec stick if I understood your setup correctly. So the Linear effectively doesn’t do anything at the moment and won’t do anything unless you include devices with it.

Gotcha, but you said “Aeotec’s interface to bind to both interfaces”. I assume you mean ZigBee and Z-Wave. The Aeotec does not have ZigBee. I never actually set up the Aeotech. The only device that was set up was the Linear. I was just trying to figure out a way to add in devices to the network in a reasonably easy manner.

No I said

and meant the Linear’s zwave part.

You don’t assign (bind) a piece of HW (Linear) as a whole to OH but separately assign (bind) the logical devices in this HW (ZWave and ZigBee controllers) to separate parts of OH (ZWave and ZigBee bindings, these are).
Also, you can assign (bind) more than one logical device of controller type (Aeotec and Linear’s zwave part, these are) to one common OH SW component (zwave binding, that is).