Using a Setpoint value to publish

Hello, i am a beginner with openHAB and need some basic support.

My OpenHAB is running on a RasPi and the MQTT- Broker, too. With MQTT.fx on my Windows- machine i can see what the Broker is doing.

At the moment i can use the switch item to send a publish message 1 or 0, i see it on the MQTT.fx.

Now i want to publish a setpoint valuet, but it wont work. I use the Setpoint item in sitemap, but i dont know what i have to setup in items.

Setpoint item=Solar_Soll1 minValue=1 maxValue=10 step=1

Number Solar_Soll1 “Solar Vorlauftemperatur [%.2f] °C” {mqtt=">[localbroker:Solar_Soll1:state:*:default]"}

Perhaps i am on the wrong way, please let me know.


regarding the wiki, the item should look like this:

Number Solar_Soll1 "Solar Vorlauftemperatur [%.2f] °C"  {mqtt=">[localbroker:Solar_Soll1:command:*:${command}]"}