Using an EnOcean switch to control a Somfy rollershutter ? Problems! Any Solutions?

  • Platform information:
    • openhabianpi

So, I kept reading thoughtfully through many many topics here and, for a beginner, I did quite well I think.
I chose the easy way and tried to configure everything with PaperUI.


  • Somfy IO roller shutters controlled via Somfy Tahoma
  • EnOcean FT55 switches
  • Hue lightbulbs with Hue bridge

Everything on his own works fine and can be controlled via the dashboard.

The switches have 4 buttons so they seem to be two rocker switches. One side should control a hue bulb and the other one my roller shutter.

I opened habmin and went for configuration and things and created an item called “rocker_1_left” and set the type to dimmer.
Then I went over to that hue bulb and under the channel brightness I linked the item “rocker_1_left”.
Surprisingly that worked for me.
short press up - on
short press down - off
long press up - gets brighter
long press down - dimming

I did the same thing for the roller shutter with an item called “rocker_1_right” and set the type to roller shutter and even tried dimmer. My roller shutter does not move at all.

I feel like missing an important part. Maybe you guys can help me out?

Sorry for any inconveniences(grammar and vocabulary) because English is not my first language.

Thank you

Look in openhab.log for errors.

Look in events.log to make sure that rocker_1_right is receiving commands.

You may need to put the Somfy binding into debug or trace level logging. See Log4j2 Sample Config for an example on how to do that.

I don’t get any errors and I can see that my rocker switch is receiving the signal and sets the value to the expected point, yet the shutter is not moving.

Break the problem in half. Create an Item that controls the rollershutter on its own. Make sure you can get that to work. You can send the commands bu creating a sitemap.

You have already shown that the events are coming in from the switch.

Once you know that both work independently then see what happens when you link the two to the same Item. It may not be possible (e.g. the Switch requires a Dimmer Item type but the Somfy requires a Rollershutter type Item) in which case you will need to write a Rule that triggers when the Switch receives a command and issues the appropriate command to the Rollershutter.

Okay, i tried everything and i can‘t get this done…

Even tried reinstalling everything.

I have implemented the Switch and the Rollershutter correctly and can see both of them on the Sitemap and can control my rollershutter through the sitemap.

I think there is a problem with the conversation.
The EnOcean has 4 functions per button. (As a dimmer)
Long UP -> increasing
Short UP -> ON
Short Down -> OFF
Long Down -> decreasing.

This is the way i would like to use is with my roller shutters
Long UP -> moving up as long as button is pressed
Short UP -> moving up all the way, or button is pressed in other direction
Short Down -> moving down all the way, or button is pressed in other direction
Long Down -> moving down as long as button is pressed

When i look up the controls for the Somfy Binding it says
“ - roller shutters (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a roller shutter). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a shutter (0-100%) “
I have IO devices so 0-100% is allowed

I mainly use Habmin so i went to the Switch and linked the switch to a new item and set it so Shutter. Then i went to the shutter and linked the exact same item. Pressed the button and nothing happens. I tried generating a new item at the site of the shutter and link it with the button - this does not work neither.

And if this does not work because of different input types, could anybody provide me with a example rule?

Has anybody an idea?!

Greets M

P.S: I had it up running with a rule - I needed two rules for one rollershutter and it only worked full up and full down, which is not really what i want.

I am open for any help.

Hi Matthias @carmagician,

which EnOcean binding do you use v2 or the old v1?

Best regards

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After having some trouble with other bindings and testing some other stuff I did a new fresh install of openhabianpi with Version 2.4.
I was surprised to see that there is a new binding which is implemented from the beginning.
So I am using binding-enocean - 2.4.0. And I get my lamps working as they did before. This is just amazing. :slight_smile:
Normal light switch for the ceiling lights and FT55 switches for the hue lamps. Amazing.

Isnt’t that your binding? (by the way)
Thanks for the good job.

Edit 1:
Ps.: I saw a video of an EnOcean Switch controlling a roller shutter (yes, i know it is knx and I have somfy IO) <-- This is just the way i would like it to be.

Edit 2:
One short press down, means the shutter closes -> I assume it goes down till the final end position is reached. Is there any possible way to let it stop around 85% and go completely down after an other short press?

Hi Matthias @carmagician,

yes I developed the new EnOcean binding :wink:

Your can do everything you want with the help of rules. When you press your switch, the binding emits a PRESSED and RELEASED event. The upper button is called DIR1, the lower button DIR2. The left and right buttons are handled by different channels.

To register a short or long press you just have to count the time between the PRESSED and RELEASED event. A short press is normally shorter than 500 ms. On the PRESSED event you send a move up or down command to your rollershutter. If the RELEASED event occures in under 500 ms you do nothing (rollershutter drives totally up or down) otherwise you send a stop command to your rollershutter. Hope this helps.

Best regards