Using auto discovered items in groups and sitemaps

I have been working on a new plugin for OpenHab and as directed, I used OpenHab 2. The plugin works, I can discover my smart plugs, they show up in the inbox, and I can toggle them from the Paper UI.

Now I’m a bit stuck. I also have some hue bulbs, I can control them through the UI and I have a KanKun plug which I have configured as an http item. I can control the Hue bulbs using the paper UI and the plug through a custom sitemap.

Below are my questions. I think that they are largely based on some sort of misunderstanding of how things and items work and the difference between file based configuration and database based items.

  1. How do I control things like my Hue Bulbs and my custom plugin discovered items from a custom site map?
  2. How do I label/tag/group items that I discovered using the plugin discovery?
  3. Do I have to redeclare my discovered items or things in file based configuration? Does this include Hue Bridge and Hue Bulbs?
  4. Is it still “right” to declare my Kankun plugins in an items file or is there a way to use the OpenHab 2 UI to manage the Kankun/http based plug?

I’m facing the same issue with the Kankun smart plug. Would you be willing to share the contents of your .items file and custom sitemap lines pertaining to the smartplug?