Using build in selection in basicui

bindings like “wifi led” use build in selection options can i access it from basic ui?

bit of extra info

	<channel-type id="program" advanced="true">
		<state readOnly="false">
				<option value="97">NONE</option>
				<option value="37">Seven Colors Cross Fade</option>
				<option value="38">Red Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="39">Green Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="40">Blue Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="41">Yellow Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="42">Cyan Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="43">Purple Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="44">White Gradual Change</option>
				<option value="45">Red,Green Cross Fade</option>
				<option value="46">Red, Blue Cross Fade</option>
				<option value="47">Green, Blue Cross Fade</option>
				<option value="48">Seven Colors Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="49">Red Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="50">Green Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="51">Blue Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="52">Yellow Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="53">Cyan Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="54">Purple Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="55">White Strobe Flash</option>
				<option value="56">Seven Colors Jumping Change</option>

I guess, you will have to define a setpoint widget manually