Using Cockpit to monitor OpenHab server

Hi folks,

has anyone experience on installing cockpit ( on OpenHab? I have this running on my server and computers and its really useful to see performance of systems through the network.


Cockpit really has nothing to do with openHAB. You don’t install openHAB on Cockpit, you install both on the same machine. As long as they don’t try to use the same ports they will largely have nothing to do with each other. Cockpit provides an interface to the operating system. openHAB runs on an operating system. So you can administer OH just like any other program running on that operating system through Cockpit.


Thanks rlkoshak,

I’m aware of the differences. I guess I was asking if anyone had tried installing Cockpit on a device (eg Pi3) that has OH running. I suspect it will be in the buseter-backports repo for Arm7 so all I need to do is try it. Cockpit runs on port 9090.

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