Using CUL for Homematic Devices possible?

Hi all,

to use Homematic devices i only found the way over homematic binding and there is a CCU2 neccesary.
I want to change from FHem and there i using a Cul from busware to interact with homematic.

Is it possible to use the cul with homematic in openhab too ?

Thanks for help.

I would be really interested in such a solution aswell but I am afraid it does not exist.

To my understanding, FHEM communicates with the CUL, and also with both Homematic LAN Configurators (USB as well as LAN) via reverse- engineered Communications thus bypassing Bidcos entirely. I would be very interested in a direct binding fpr Homematic LAN Configurators, as I dont want ou use an extra intermediary between HM-LAN-CFG and the openHAB

I started with CUL and some FS20 temp sensors back in the days. Iirc there was a native CUL binding at that point in time.
In the meantime I use CCU2 with cuxd that supports the CUL. You simply plug the CUL into ccu2 and all devices will look like native Homeatic devices. Even homeatic binding supports those virtual homeatic items properly.

Because I have a Homematic Setup without any other Controller than
FHEM. I’m Not ready to buy one afterwards. Even Keymatic is working with
FHEM and HM-LAN-CFG. So I will stick with FHEM for Homematic at least. So
OpenHAB is less usable for me.

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Sebastian schrieb am So., 18. Dez. 2016, 23:05: